• Ryan Tippett

10 years Later and I Still Cringe At Korie Lucious

He whose name that shall not be said (although I did in the title) still haunts me a decade later. He stole Marylands second national title away from us like a thief in the night. Everyone in proximity to College Park knows the story. Down as much as 16 with 12 to play, Greivis Vasquez went full on Jack Bauer and rose us from the dead. The game was ours. We were going to pull out the squeaker that every team has at least once on their way to a championship run. Then this happened:

It took me 2 full years to watch that replay and it still gets me emotional. The hair on my neck stand up in a full on rage. Nobody in East Lansing cares about Korie Lucious, he averaged 5 points a game over his career at Michigan State. He was a relative nobody. Wasn’t even on the roster less than a year later. It’s a shot that I just will not get over. But it’s not JUST the shot. It’s what happened AFTER the shot. The bracket completely opened up in a way that was begging the winner of that game to go to the final four. Northern Iowa pulled off the stunning upset against #1 seeded Kansas. Ohio State pooped their collective pants as a 2 seed and got bounced against Tennessee. Everything was set up perfectly. Maryland (on paper) would have been the better team in every round until the National Championship game to a Duke team they already beat a few weeks prior.

Greivis was completely robbed of what was sure to be an epic tourney run. He would’ve been the national story for weeks and cemented his legacy as a terp. Instead it will always be what could have been.

I’m going to be 75 years old someday – I hope – and still have NO BLEEPING CLUE WHAT LANDON MILBOURNE WAS DOING IN TRANSITION D.