• Ryan Tippett

Aaron Gordon The Next Big Thing... In Rap?

This is why the NBA is simply the best. The players become these massive personalities off the court and we can't help but to consume every ounce of entertainment. Aaron Gordons diss track is the type of content you want to hate but you can't. It's actually too good to critique. If this song came on the radio while I was driving to the grocery store, you'd be damn right in thinking I'd have the window down with the bass blaring. What separates this from half the garbage that gets released nowadays anyway? This is easily better than anything Takashi 6ix9ine has ever put out.

The pettiness to drop a diss track over a slam dunk contest score is next level petty. Aaron Gordon, king of petty. I'm not hating on it either, if that's how he feels than what better creative outlet to express your thoughts than a fire track. D-Wade obviously knows he cost Gordon the dunk contest, everyone that has two eyes and half a brain knows he should have won. But he didn't. I'm not complaining because we don't get this hot fire if he had.