• Ryan Tippett

Bill Self In Hot Water? Mark Emmert And The NCAA Think So

It appears Mark Emmert has his sights set dead red on Bill Self and Kansas. The verbiage the NCAA used to describe the violations were harsh, indicating they fully believe Self should be terminated. The 92-page report that was released late last week stated the program’s infractions “significantly undermine and threaten the NCAA Collegiate Model.” Kansas was charged with five Level I violations and Self was slapped with charges that included a “lack of institutional control”. Clearly, Kansas and Self are going to fight the violations because who wouldn’t.

"The University absolutely would accept responsibility if it believed that violations had occurred, as we have demonstrated with other self-reported infractions. Chancellor [Doug] Girod, [athletic director] Jeff Long and KU stand firmly behind Coach Self, his staff and our men's basketball program, as well as our robust compliance program."

They also go on to cite Self’s problematic relationship with convicted criminal and Adidas consultant TJ Gassnola, who allegedly arranged financial transactions with multiple recruits with the understanding they would commit to Kansas. Is this really a shocking revelation? A billion-dollar industry led by million-dollar coaches are paying the elite talent of the sport a fraction of what they should make, with little to no repercussions. Nobody should be pointing the finger at Bill Self, Rick Pitino, Christian Dawkins or anybody else for that matter that isn’t the NCAA. Ask anybody around the sport, paying players has been going on for a very long time and will continue to happen until fundamental changes are made to the sport. Oh by the way, it hasn’t seemed to effect Kansas as they picked up the commitment of four star forward Zach Clemence 48 hours later. Some things will never change.


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