• Ryan Tippett

Charles Barkley Open To Amending Broken Friendship With MJ

For those of you out there who don’t know, the Charles Barkley/Michael Jordan beef dates back to 2012 when Barkley had some critical comments of MJs ownership decisions with the Charlotte Hornets. Barkley summarized his comments back then, “As much as I love Michael, until he stops hiring them kiss-asses, and his best friends, he’s never going to be successful as a general manager,”. Anybody who watch Chuck on the TNT broadcast loves him because he’s an unfiltered personality who calls it like he sees it, anybody *should* respect that. I actually respect him more for giving his real opinions even if those close to him don’t appreciate it. By the way, HE’S RIGHT. The organization has been to the postseason just twice since he became majority owner in

2010. It’s a league where teams avidly try to tank and still somehow clinch a playoff spot.

Barkley and MJ have been friends for over 20 years, and should be applauded for publicly giving his honest opinion. If anything, MJ should respect him as a friend even more because of it. Barkley is reportedly torn up over the broken friendship and wants to bury the hatchet – he’s just waiting on a call.