• Ryan Tippett

Charles Barkley Taking Shots At The King (James)

Alright the Lebron slander has officially gone too far. Charles Barkley came out this week with a steaming hot take that King James would essentially want no part with the ‘Bad Boy’ Pistons. This screams an old man “back in my day” shtick trying to impart wisdom on the younger generation. I’m not buying it. It mostly seems like Barkley is compensating for his lack of hardware himself.

It's quite frankly dangerous to listen to the opinion of a man who swings a golf club like this.

Those Pistons teams were notoriously physical, aggressive and chippy but to think James would have been timid against that style of play is a misguided opinion. He’s a 6’9, 250 pound physical specimen that weighed more than every Piston except for Darryl Dawkins – yes that includes Rick Mahorn, John Salley and even Bill Laimbeer. The perception that a bulked up MJ at 216 could take the physical wear and tear but Lebron couldn’t is wildly inaccurate - and I’m an MJ stan.

Does Lebron complain about officiating and fouls? Yes. But that is a product of the era. He’s clearly shown the ability to adapt his game. As a rookie he averaged 2.7 3 pointers a game shooting them at a 29% clip. This past year? He took 6.4 a game at 35% and had a career best with 10.6 assists per game. Comparing the basketball between two completely different eras is always a fascinating and polarizing topic of discussion, it always seems to get the competitive juices flowing but sometimes we can get a tad bit carried away.

“I love LeBron, but I do think the way they play the game today, he didn’t want a part of those Bad Boy Pistons,” Barkley mentioned during a Zoom conversation with Kentucky head coach John Calipari. Classic Barkley though, always stirring the pot.