• Ryan Tippett

Chris Bosh Admits Warriors Had Better "Dynasty"

Chris Bosh became a topic of discussion when he openly admitted that the Warriors current era was more of a dynasty than the Heat were. Even if it’s true, it’s somewhat jarring to hear him say that. He compared those Heat teams to English rock band Cream, considered the world’s first supergroup who was led by Eric Clapton and only lasted from 1966-1968.

"We were more like Cream, 'Ah, we'll come together. We'll play. We'll put this mega-thing together, four years, and four years only, baby...It was just a crazy time. It's crazy to even think I went through that."

Was he right? Was there validity to the claim? The Miami Heats “Big Three” era reigned from 2010 to 2014 and in that span they made 4 straight finals appearances, winning the title twice. Their overall record during that time in the regular season was 224-88, which is a .78 winning percentage. Maybe it’s outlandish to say, but I’ll take it a step further than Bosh did, I’m not sure I’d consider them a dynasty at all. They were embarrassed in the finals against Dirk and the Mavs in 2011, even after openly mocking him for having the flu on national television. They utterly dominated the Thunder in 2012, alright got me there. But they easily should’ve lost Game 6 against the Spurs in 2013. Let me take you back. Kawhi at the line, 82% free throw shooter during the regular season. Spurs up 2 with 19.4 seconds left. He makes both and the Spurs are NBA Champs, no sugar coating. Misses the first, makes the second. Chalmers brings it up, drives towards baseline. James curls off a screen and clanks the 3 attempt. Loose ball, completely frantic. Bosh wrestles it away as Ray Allen alertly backpedals behind the 3 line. He gathers and release simultaneously while still getting behind the line and nails it like a HOFer does. They go onto OT and win. Heat fans were literally piling out the door because they didn’t want to see the Spurs celebrate on their court only to try and scramble back in after a roaring crowd alerts them something miraculous has occurred. They go onto win Game 7 and their second championship. Then in 2014 they get manhandled against that same Spurs team. Facts are facts. They have 2 rings, and deserve both. But if we classify that as a dynasty, we are truly watering down the meaning of a dynasty.

What Golden State Warriors years are we using for the argument? I think the 2013/2014 Warriors is the place to start, they had their “core 3” in Draymond, Steph and Klay. So including that season and excluding the 2019/2020 team due season long injuries to both Klay and Steph (sort of), they went to 5 finals and won 3 titles overall in 6 seasons. During that span they went 373-119 in the regular season, equivalent to a .76 winning percentage. It’s shocking to me that the Heat actually had a better winning % than the Warriors who had one of the greatest regular seasons by any team ever going 73-9 in 2015/2016. Shocking. But they pummeled teams in the finals, beating the Cavs in 6,5 and 4 games.

Usually what everything boils down to is rings, show me the hardware. In that regard, Bosh is right. But to alter the discussion, you could argue what LeBron James accomplished individually during that span was more dominant and impressive than either one, going to 8 straight finals from 2011 to 2018 – an accomplishment that hasn’t been done since the 1960s. So, yeah, Bosh was 100% right, the Heat was like Cream and Lebron James was their Eric Clapton.