• Ryan Tippett

College Basketball Takes Another L, This Time With Zion Lawsuit

The NCAA just continues to take a beating this off-season, this time with Zion Williamson’s former agent, Gina Ford, alleging he received money among other benefits to attend Duke in 2018/2019. Zion was the crown jewel of the sport, his first matchup against UNC, which happened to fall on a weekday, was the most-viewed weeknight college basketball game in ESPN history. College basketball viewership overall was up 15 percent year over year. His effect on the game is undeniable, which is why it’s problematic that someone with direct knowledge of his finances drops a bombshell. If Duke is willing to step below the ethical threshold to pay players to come to their school then everybody is doing it. That’s why it’s such a big deal, it’s more of an indicator on the health of college basketball overall. It shows you that nobody is above it.

"Zion Williamson‘s lawsuit with Prime Sports Marketing’s Gina Ford, his former agent, has taken an interesting twist. According to court papers published early Sunday afternoon by Wallach Legal, LLC founder and gaming law and sports betting attorney Daniel Wallach, Ford served Williamson with requests for admission that he received impermissible benefits to attend Duke and wear or use Nike or choose an Adidas-sponsored school." – Garrett Stepien, 247 Sports

This also could be for naught, Gina Ford, also appears to be a scorned ex whose professional business with Zion ended ugly. Zion sued Ford and her agency, Prime Sports, last June in attempt to terminate his agreement with them to sign with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Prime Sports and Ford then countersued for $100 million in punitive damages. It’s just another black eye for a sport that already looks as though they went the distance with Evander Holyfield. First Kansas, now Duke. Down go the blue bloods.