• Ryan Tippett

NCAA Tournament Rewind: Relive some of the best shots in Recent March Madness History

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I’m not exactly sure how the rest of the college basketball world is coping but it’s day 9 of quarantine and reality has finally set in that we won’t get to hear that borderline orgasmic CBS intro music that makes the hair of my neck stand up.

So to ease the pain and fill that empty void in your chest, come join me in turning back the clock to enjoy some of the best shots in recent NCAA tournament history.

Marcus Paige vs. Villanova, 2016

The only reason why this shot doesn’t go down in Tar Heel folklore is because they didn’t even win the game. But still. Under the circumstances, the stones on Marcus Paige have to be the size of a grapefruit. Think about the difficulty of this shot. 7.6 seconds left. Down 3. Bodies diving on the floor. Defender running right at him. Double Clutch. INSANITY. I still don’t know how UNC didn’t pull this one off. Wow, what a shot.

Paul Jesperson vs. Texas, 2016

In a game that was for the most part a tightly contested game from tip to finish, the half-court heave to push Northern Iowa into the next round was a fitting end. Paul Jesperson should never have to pay for another meal in… in… wait where is UNI? Anyways, it put him right up there with Ali Farokhmanesh in Panther history. All I could remember thinking about after was “Yep. That’s the shot of the tournament.”, boy was I wrong. This is the type of madness I need injected directly into my veins.

Korie Lucious vs. Maryland, 2010

How does the saying go? Death. Taxes. The entire world reminding Maryland fans Korie Lucious ripped our collective hearts out and robbed us of an opportunity to go the final four. I literally see this shot in my nightmares. The worst part? Lucious was suspended and eventually dismissed from the team not even a year later. Whatever. Screw that guy. It was a clutch shot and I can’t deny that. I still don’t know what the hell Landon Milbourne was doing.

R.J. Hunter vs. Baylor, 2015

The best part about this shot is R.J. Hunter hit the biggest shot in his basketball career while also almost simultaneously killing his own father. What a flop by Ron Hunter. You can also audibly hear Steve Lappas freaking out about the decision making and then shortly realizing that RJ Hunter is stone cold killer. Oh, March how I miss you.

Mamadi Diakite vs. Purdue, 2019

The ending of regulation to this Purdue – UVA tilt was flat out bananas. The most underrated part of the entire sequence was Freshmen Kihei Clark not blowing a load in his pants and throwing up a prayer from half court. What a shame for Purdue. And to think they were a Ryan Cline free throw away from the final four. Instead, they got to watch the Cavs cut down the nets with the rest of America.

Even Carson Edwards could do nothing but laugh

Kris Jenkins vs North Carolina, 2016

The shot that every kid dreams of taking. Let me *try* to set the scene. Tie game. National Championship. 1.6 seconds left... BURIED IT. CONFETTI FLYING. The 1st buzzer beater since Lorenzo Charles in 1983. And you know what? Jay Wright acts as though they just beat DePaul in the middle of February. I’d seriously kill to have that guys swagger. This is peak March that included one of the best Bill Raftery lines ever: “HOW ABOUT THOSE ONIONS. At the counter. Double order. Sautéed if it’s good”. That man is a national treasure.

How can you not love the internet?

What were your favorite shots in March Madness history?