• Ryan Tippett

Daishen Nix Going Pro Should Now Have The NCAA Worried

Daishen Nix decommitted from UCLA on Thursday and the NCAA should officially be petrified. They’re starting to bleed talent with the G league route becoming a viable option for high school recruits. Nix is a projected lottery pick in the 21’ draft who is the No. 13 recruit overall. As college basketball fans, it is officially time to start worrying about a potential talent problem. Jalen Green was the first domino to fall, shortly after that Isaiah Todd decommitted from Michigan and now Nix. 2022 No. 1 overall recruit Emoni Bates has also been quoted as saying: “If I can go straight to the NBA out of high school, it’s a go for me.”; Houston: we have a problem.

There will be an inevitable talent problem in college basketball. We will no longer get seasons like KD at Texas, Zion at Duke or Michael Beasley at Kansas State. That’s simply a fact, not an opinion. Nix is the 3rd top-15 recruit in the class to go pro. That is considered a trend and for the NCAA, a scary one. Take the Zion-mania for example, the first meeting between UNC/Duke had a reported audience of 4,343,000 viewers which made it the most viewed weeknight college basketball game in ESPN history. The casual viewer tuned into these games, if these talents decide to go the Pro route that will no longer be the case.

It always has been about the laundry and not the players but ignoring the issue would be naïve. Reports of the NCAA now accepting recommendations on implementing NIL rules is a step in the right direction, but a lot of work is still left to be done.

Here's a video of what we're going to miss out on: