• Ryan Tippett

Danny Manning Fleeces University for 15 Million

Lets not beat around the bush on this one, Mannings’ tenure at Wake Forest was a complete and utter disaster there’s no sugar coating it. They never finished above .500 in league play and he’s only had a winning record 1 time in his 6 years as head coach. After finishing with an overall record of 78-111, they decided it was time to let him go and I’m really not sure who the winner is here. Wake Forest gets to hit the reset button but Manning can buy a damn island with his buyout money – 15 million. It’s not like he was killing it on the recruiting front either, their best class came in the 2018 cycle when they finished with the 23 overall class; the roster looks like the bad news bears and Manning really hasn’t show the ability to outcoach a lack of talent.

Pretty ruthless of the administration to do this in the middle of a world wide crisis but they probably figured giving him enough money to buy the Palace of Versailles to piss off is a nice parting gift. The timing of it is weird because whoever you hire to replace him is in a real pickle, it’s already butt late in the recruiting cycle and they wouldn’t be able to establish relationships with prospective recruits because they can’t even visit the campus. Wake Forest is going to be a dumpster fire next year, it’s a total rebuild; they need to hire a coach who has proven to build a program from the ground up. Wes Miller is a name that most certainly will be thrown in, he built UNCG from complete obscurity into one of the better programs in the SoCon. Ryan Odom is also an interesting name, most notably known for his upset over #1 overall seeded Virginia as a 16 seed at UMBC. Whoever, they choose has a big hill to climb. A really big hill. The Mount Everest of hills. Who am I kidding, it’s a futile exercise… they’re always going to suck.