• Ryan Tippett

Did Josh Pocket My Macbook? I Have No Clue What To Think Of It

Alright there’s no way this story can be real. Right? There is no chance on Earth that a living, breathing human can put a laptop that they just received THE DAY PRIOR on top of their vehicle and then drive off with said laptop on the roof. I refuse to believe that story even if there’s video evidence. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks this was far more calculated than I was led to believe. Is it possible that Josh – knowing that I have a ring camera attached to my garage – drove off with the laptop on the hood and as he turns out of the neighborhood stops and places it inside his car? I think there’s a real chance here. How come we were not ever able to find said laptop? It was nowhere to be found in the neighborhood. Sure, I guess – theoretically speaking - a neighbor could have seen it and picked it up on the side of the road in the 30-minute window from when Josh left my house until the time he called me to tell me about the disappearance of my computer. Do I believe that’s what happened? Not a shot in hell.

When josh initially called me up to tell me that he somehow lost my Macbook I was completely dumbfounded. It’s like I’ve been put in a spin cycle and spit back out just as confused as I was when watching Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. Who legitimately watched that movie and thought “Yup. That plot makes perfect sense to me!”. Nobody. Just like nobody is buying this story that he “accidentally” placed the laptop on top of the ROOF OF HIS CAR. What an alpha. Not only was he 4 steps ahead and brought up this theory unsolicited on the podcast but now it has me completely second guessing EVERYTHING. Well done Josh. You’ve completely manipulated my brain in a way only Steve Carrel would find himself. I feel so small. That was a veteran move and I can’t do anything but get better. I'm still not even sure what to think.

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