• Ryan Tippett

Don't Worry Matt Haarms is STILL Public Enemy #1

College basketball thrives on the role of a villain. Names like Christian Laettner, Marshall Henderson, Bob Knight, Adolph Rupp, Jalen Rose, and Joakim Noah. Hearing them immediately provokes some sort of emotion and it usually ends up with a broken remote or a scolding from your wife because you find yourself screaming at the television only to then notice your dog cowering in the corner of your living room. Don’t act like I’m the only one who does it. A new name has emerged in line to be heir to the throne of college basketballs most hated player: Matt Haarms. I, along with most of the college basketball community cannot stand this guy. Is it the constant fiddling with his hair? Is it the over-the-top emotion after a routine play? The fake tough guy routine standing at 7 foot 3 and weighing about as much as the last chipotle burrito I punished? It’s a little bit of everything. But it’s also what college basketball needs. Every great movie has an antagonist and college basketball has been lacking one for years now. Enter our Kylo Ren. Pretty good comp IMO. Mainly because both have an inability to control their relatively short fuse.

He announced on April 6th he intends to transfer from Purdue so he can showcase his “NBA ready skillset” and I am praying he becomes a Kentucky Wildcat. Could you imagine Coach Cal and Haarms blowing up at each other in mid-December against Vandy because Haarms is jacking up 3’s up a million. It would be must watch television. Most of America already can’t stand coach Cal, but from my perspective it appears to be a match made in heaven. Wherever he ends up. I’ll be watching. Which is exactly why college basketball needs more guys like Matt Haarms.