• Ian Koska

Dream Team Vs. Quarantine Team?

We’ve all seen the “you have $15 to build a team who are you picking” graphics. Personally, not a fan of hypotheticals. And these actually feel like a personal attack because how the hell does this know I only have $15? But let’s do one because I have nothing better to do. This past Saturday morning NBATV was replaying the gold medal game of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games between the fabled U.S OF A dream team vs the Toni Kukoc lead Croatians. I was watching the replay for about 20 minutes before my wife woke up, and immediately change the channel, but it was pretty clear that the Dream Team was most likely the best basketball team ever assembled. Or was it? We have $15 and a graphic so let’s see what we can do.  On Friday afternoon a far lesser sports media site shared this chart. We all know how they work. Here are the rules: Starting 5 only, no 6th man. Modern NBA era/style of play. Of course, I am always right and will not listen to different opinions, because I’m going to create my team on 2K and go undefeated. Yes, I will be playing on rookie and yes, I will have my performance sliders all the way up, but that doesn’t matter. A win is a win, right?  Initial thoughts: How is Melo $5? Weird. I’m a believer in that you don’t necessarily have to have a traditional team, ie point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, center. I like to think that if you have players at this level, you can make things run with the best talent. Also, if we are being honest, we could line up the team of $1 guys and probably win the gold medal, but that’s not the game. If I have $15 I’m spending $15.  Let’s fight. $5 guys love them all, but we only have room for 1 of these guys. Realistically it comes down to Kobe (RIP), MJ, or LeBron. I’m 24 I didn’t watch Mike. I LOVE KOBE but think LeBron would be the easiest guy to build a team around. As much as it pains me to say, I’m going to spend my $5 on LeBron. Just kidding. Let’s give Mike another “Last Dance.” Give me MJ THE GOAT and slide him at the guard spot.  We have $10 left and 4 spots to fill. Next I want to identify a bargain, it’s a pretty glaring one too. The same chart that has Melo (lol) as a $5, has Klay worth $1?! Yeah give me Klay all day for that.  $9 left 3 spots left to fill. You know what would be fun? Could you imagine the intensity on the court if you had Mike and Chris Paul as your back court?(Que Fake smile at Doc) Paul at the point, then you let Mike and Klay thumb wrestle for who wants to guard the other team’s best wing, then go from there.  I’m about to lose some people here, but follow me, I’ve spent no less then 10 minutes thinking about this and starting at my power forward spot, GIVE ME MAGIC! He’s the perfect point forward for today’s modern NBA. Have him rebound and push the ball, MJ filling a lane, Chris (not Cliff) Paul as an outlet pass option, and then Klay running to a corner. How do you stop that? Who do you guard? Your guess is as good as mine.

Okay we have $3 left. Luckily for us there’s a STUD big man left. He can bang inside, shoot enough to keep the spacing we need for Mike and Magic to drive. He can also pick and pop all day long with Paul, and also may be the most intense defensive player of the 2000’s. Yeah it’s KG starting at my 5.  Let us pause and appreciate the team we’ve built. Better than the dream team? I think so. We can run, we can gun, we can shoot, we can guard, and we will straight up punch you in the mouth (Even in practice, shout out Steve Kerr).  Point Guard: Chris Paul $3  Shooting Guard: MJ $5 Small forward: Klay $1 Point forward: Magic Johnson $3 Center: Kevin Garnett  That my friends, is an unbeatable team.