• Josh Smith

Everybody Calm Down, College Basketball Will Be Just Fine

Daishen Nix’s decommitment from UCLA and commitment to the G League is seeming to cause quite the panic from college basketball fans. We saw Jalen Green commit to the G League, but now we’re starting to see players like Daishen Nix and Isiah Todd decommit from their school and join. This is causing many people to deem college basketball as doomed. The truth is, we haven’t even seen this league in action yet. For all we know, this “new and improved” G League could be a giant failure. Everyone needs to relax. Take a chill pill. Regardless if this new G League is a success, I promise you everything will be just fine. Here’s why:

Obi Toppin. A zero star from Baltimore who received offers from only Illinois, Rhode Island, Mississippi St, and Dayton. He groomed himself and got continuously better throughout his college stint. His windmill dunks and versatile play made college basketball fun. He is now the 2020 National Player of the Year and a future NBA lottery pick.

Luka Garza. A low 4 star from Washington DC. Not even a top 100 player. He averaged 13 points his sophomore year before he developed into a dominant superstar this past year for Iowa. Winning Big 10 Player of the Year and was runner up for The National Player of the Year award. He's also proven himself as NBA talent.

Let’s even throw it back to Steph Curry. The 256th ranked player out of high school. A guy who played for DAVIDSON. He ended up averaging 28 points his junior year and had one of the best individual NCAA Tournament runs ever. He’s now arguably the biggest superstar in the NBA.

My point to all this, is that there are many players who come into college basketball and develop into stars. As opposed to already being a star prior to. Tippett said it best on our recent episode of Gettin’ Buckets when he said “The game still went on without Kobe and Lebron. It’s going to continue to go on with Jalen Green or Isiah Todd.” He hit the head on the nail. As much as that pains me to say. The games will still be exciting. There will still be plenty of talent and superstars. And the NCAA Tournament will continue to be the most exciting time of the year. Plus, with the potential of players earning money off their likeliness in the near future, college basketball will be even stronger than it was before.