• Josh Smith

Florida Guy Picks Up A Snake And Throws It At His Friends

Oh my Godness. You can throw just about anything imaginable at me. Rocks, trash, drinks, hell you can throw a knife at me. Please don’t throw a live snake at me. That’s where friendships end. There’s so many things wrong with this video. First off, no one seems to be in a panic that a snake is coming a million miles an hour right at them. Everyone is laughing? People are still casually floating on their raft. I even hear some cheering with some beers being cracked open. How is no one running for their life? Am I just a 6 foot 4 wussy? Maybe. Probably. Regardless, that snake looks like it’s out for blood. Secondly, this maniac picks up the snake like it’s a toy that I hover over my 8 month old puppy to see if she’ll jump up and bite it. People like this belong in an asylum. They can’t be trusted. He just completely trolls the snake with not a drop of fear. Lastly, HE THROWS THE SNAKE AT HIS FRIENDS. WTF?! Are people just built different in Florida? Is this normal? I refuse to believe it. I would forever look at someone different if they threw a potential venomous snake at me. Then again, these people might’ve deserved it. It took the snake being physically thrown at them, for them to take it seriously. I’m simply confused with this entire video.