• Ryan Tippett

Heated Debate: Top Players Out of the DMV

Alright so anyone under the age of 35 knows that IG live has been poppin like Lil Mamas’ lip gloss during the quarantine – all my old folk have just been thrown into a speed blender, they have ZERO clue about any of those references. Let me break it down for the seniors. IG live is Instagram live, Instagram is a social media app. No you should not get one. No you should not post pictures of your freshly mowed lawn or videos of you feeding your cat. Steer clear of Instagram. Instagram live is basically a live stream and you can invite someone to join you. Now that I’ve just brought the 55+ crew into the 21st century lets get to it. Beloved Terp Anthony Cowan had fellow DMV(er?) and hated dookie Quinn Cook on his IG live that resulted in a heated debate on which era of DMV hoops was better. It got me thinking. Who were the best collegiate players from the area since 2015. Why 2015? Because 5 years is long enough and because it’s my blog. So without further adieu:

PS: before you ask, Oak Hill is not part of the DMV.

All Team DMV:

Anthony Cowan, Maryland – my guy the Ant Man otherwise known as Uno. His achievements speak for themselves. #1 all time in Maryland history in starts and #6 all time in points scored. He did exactly what he came to Maryland to do: raise a banner. Completely gutted for him, felt like this years team had a deep run in them. It’d be a fraudulent list without him in it.

Chris Lykes, Miami – easily one of the most underrated guards in all of the country. He’s lightning quick and plays with a Shaq sized chip on his shoulder. He’s primarily a score that can fill it up from beyond the arc. People may question putting him here, but it’s because they don’t watch the game.

Immanuel Quickley, Kentucky – this years SEC Player of the Year, complete and total muffin of studs. There were rumors he would come back for his junior year which undoubtedly would have been special. A 5 star coming out of high school, he didn’t get as much burn as he should have because it’s Kentucky and they churn out 5 stars like I do botched attempts at assembling IKEA furniture. Damn Swedes. Who knows where this UK team would have gone, but Quickley contributed to a an elite 8 team and also was a conference player of the year. Too much to not have him on here.

Luka Garza, Iowa – if I’m going to be the face and voice of the Luka Garza stan club, he better have been on my list. I can’t believe we let a guy in our own backyard go to a in-conference “rival”. Can’t believe it. Shouldn’t happen. Leftys kid was his high school coach, literally called up Turg and begged him to recruit him. Unreal. He only averaged 23.9 points, 9.8 boards while shooting 36% from 3 as a true center. While – oh by the way – finishing second in NATIONAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR HONORS. No I’m not mad. Not at all. I’m fine. Everythings fine. Life is just fine.

Naji Marshall, Xavier – pure slasher, Naji is a dog. For some reason his game screams DMX – Ruff Ryders’ to me. He plays downhill and he plays angry. And I love it. He does a little bit of everything, averaged 6.3 rebounds and 4 assists to go along with 16.8 points a game this year. Has gotten better every single year.

Honorable Mention:

Saddiq Bey, Villanova – heck of a year, lethal outside jumper and plays underrated D. He’s gonna cash out at this years draft but overall I can’t put him in over any of these guys. Junior year Saddiq makes the squad.

Jalen Smith, Maryland – I’m a four out, one in kind of guy and I certainly couldn’t put him in over Luka. He’s definitely more talented but it’s Luka and I shouldn’t have to say much else. Also, I can’t show my true bias and have an entire Terps starting 5 which I could do if I put Reese Mona as the swing man and Travis Valmon at shooting guard.

Markelle Fultz, Washington – he obviously balled out for his one year at Washington but that team STUNK. If you didn’t show out for a team that only won 2 games in the putrid PAC12 you’d be lucky to ever play professionally. Does he deserve to be 1st team? Yeah probably but I may be a tad bit jaded with how his professional career has gone.

Justin Moore, Villanova – would Sophomore Justin Moore make the cut? I think so, but I’d probably take Junior year Naji/Lykes over Freshman year Justin Moore.

Other names consider: Frank Howard, Justin Jenifer, Myles Dread, Darryl Morsell, Jeff Dowtin