• Josh Smith

If You Stared Down The Wizards Bench This Year, Just Know John Wall Remembers

John Wall sent off a warning shot to the NBA on the “All The Smoke” podcast when he said “I’m gonna better than what I was before.” He also said he’s taken note on anyone who disrespected the Wizards bench this past year. Should the NBA be worried? Absolutely. Wall played his last game on 12/26/2018 but let's not forget how much of a dog he was before the injuries. His 2016-2017 was incredible. A walking highlight all season, Wall and the Wizards finished the season 1 game shy of the Easter Conference finals. 

Wall has had his fair share of injuries and surgeries in the past, but this one will be his toughest obstacle yet. Coming back the same from a ruptured Achilles is far from promised. But Wall is a gritty, true competitor who should never be counted out at any point. In fact, he worked so hard on his rehab that the Wizards pondered the idea of him returning for the playoffs if they made it. That alone is incredible. There were also reports that Wall is faster now than he was before the injury. With walls continuous leg issues, maybe this injury could be a blessing in disguise. He had double knee surgery before the 16-17 season, PRP injections in 17-18 and needed another knee surgery during the 18-19 season. This injury gives his knees the rest they need. If he can fully recover from this Achilles injury, it would be hard to bet Against Wall coming back better than ever. So if you're one of those players who stared down the Wizards bench this year, just know John Wall remembers.