• Josh Smith

Innocent Keyboard Falls Victim Of Josh Hart's Video Game Rage

Ahhhh man. There is no rage like the rage you receive from video games, especially Call of Duty. I can relate to this anger on a spiritual level. As a gamer myself, I've considered throwing my controller, smashing my PS4, snapping my mic in half. But I've never actually done it, because frankly I don't have the money to break expensive things off pure anger. Josh Hart has plenty money and video game rage to do it. And that's just what he did to this poor innocent keyboard. He some-what causally unplugs the keyboard, curb stomps it into oblivion and proceeds to throws it across his entire house. He did what many video gamers like myself have thought about doing and it's nothing short of hilarious. Some people are claiming this as karma because he's using Snake Shots. A gun which is arguably the most overpowered gun in the game. A gun that many people claim as needing no skill to use. Regardless, being a true competitor like Josh Hart and playing Call of Duty can bring out a person in you that you've never seen before. Hart, who is you usually see on and off the court smiling and having fun, was turned into a person that you would think needs anger management classes and a therapist. That's not the case, it’s just the video game rage. If you know, you know.