• Ryan Tippett

Inside The Mind Of MJ: The Sociopath

We all knew before “The Last Dance” that MJ was a different breed of human, physically and mentally. What we didn’t know is to what degree of a sociopath he really was. Episodes 7 and 8 that premiered yesterday provided us with 2 instances that proved how different Jordan was.

The first was unassuming victim LaBradford Smith, a second-year forward at the time for the then Washington Bullets. He scored a career-high 37 against the first matchup with Jordan and the Bulls in 1993 on a back to back. MJ then makes up the ludicrous story that Smith sarcastically said to him after the game, “Nice game, Mike” just so he can use it as fuel to embarrass him the next night. When the teams face off this time in DC, Jordan made it his mission to score that much in the first half – ultimately ending up 1 point shy and going for 36. What a complete maniac, he was playing chess while everyone else was trying to read the rules on how to play connect four. Poor LaBradford was probably sitting on his couch last night seeing his name trending on twitter, completely befuddled, wondering how all this bad karma came his way for not saying a word.

“We were talking in the locker room about just, when Michael gets the ball, just get the hell out of the way, cause he's just gonna go at LaBradford time and time again. And it was kind of like an unwritten rule that everybody knows that Michael has that stat sheet in his back pocket, in his sock. He knows exactly how many points LaBradford scored, and he wants to get that many or more in the first half.” - Will Perdue

The next is George Karl, who ironically also was the victim of MJ’s mental gymnastics for not speaking to him. Karl stiffed Jordan at a restaurant in Seattle ahead of the 96’ NBA Finals. Walked right by him. Jordan used it as fuel to give him an edge that he didn’t need. The worst part about it is Karl did it intentionally as strategy. He claimed he didn’t want to fall victim to Jordan’s mind games and instead fell victim to Jordan’s mind games. Bulls beat the Sonics in 6 to win the title. What are you doing George? I question his mental judgement after a decision like that. I don’t feel nearly as bad for him as I do LaBradford, who’s still trying to figure out what exactly happened.

Thank goodness he didn't turn out to be the next Ted Bundy - we all lucked out.