• Ryan Tippett

Is The NBA Set To Return? It Sure Sounds Like It

It appears the NBA season will be back and it’s just a matter of time before we can all rejoice. It was announced that now 10 teams have begun individual, voluntary workouts with the addition of Miami on Wednesday. Commissioner Silver has been rumored to say he will make a decision by, at maximum, mid-June on whether the season will resume.

There’s been a push on the players side to resume the season, a collection of superstars held a conference call to discuss the possibility further. Among those apart of the call were: Chris Paul, LeBron, AD, KD, Giannis, Kawhi, Steph, Damian and Westbrook. I would think their opinions hold some validity.

Silver wants to, understandably, have all his ducks in a row before making the decision. The worst-case scenario would be to resume the season and then have to shut it down again. He wants plans and procedures in place in the event someone tests positive for COVID-19. Daily tests would be administered for each team every day, and it’s been previously reported that all the games would be held on 1 or 2 sites maximum.

With live sports slowly starting to resume, initially with the KBO league, there’s definitely reason for optimism. Once the NBA season were to resume, the MLB might be soon to follow. Although, there have been major disagreements on the revenue split between the league office and players association in baseball. Just the fact that we’re having this discussion is a positive sign, as long as procedures are in place for player safety, I think we can all agree when I say I’m ready for live sports to be back. I know Vegas is.