• Ryan Tippett

Jay Wright To The NCAA: Be Better

Villanova basketball head coach Jay Wright believes the NBA is using the G League as a run around for the one-and-done rule. He went on Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman’s podcast earlier this week to explain why he thinks it’s beneficial for college basketball. Wright’s of the opinion if an athlete wants to go the professional route than they should, the players left will have a true desire to be there. In theory he’s right, the guys who are left are the ones invested in being there but a counterpoint to that is every players dream is to ultimately be in the NBA. There are no exceptions to that. It comes down to talent, always has and always will. Wright knows that, he said: “We don’t have enough vision and leadership, but the NBA controls whether these guys go to college or not, and how long they’re in college. The NBA controls that, not us, it’s all on the NBA.”

The NCAA is at a crossroads and needs a clear direction. They’ve always been too reactionary, which was clearly obvious with their latest NLI rule change. With guys like RJ Hampton, LaMelo Ball, Jalen Green and the like skipping college, the NCAA, and Mark Emmert specifically, need to formulate a plan to better market the sport. Instead of always acting like the little brother, step outside of the shadow and set the trend.