• Josh Smith

Jayson Tatum Says "Duke Might Be The Only Stand-Up School In The Country"

Last Friday Bradley Beal and Jayson Tatum took it to Instagram Live where they announced that they will be donating 1,000 pizzas to healthcare workers in St. Louis. An incredibly nice gesture. They turned the conversation in a different direction when they started discussing the new NBA G League system. Beal seemed like he would’ve been in favor of the G League route if it was presented to him when he was in high school. In fact, Beal said he definitely would have went into the G League.

Bradley Beal was 2011's #4 overall recruit in high school and did 1 year at The University of Florida. So, it makes sense that this would’ve been a no brainer for him. On the other hand, Jayson Tatum was 2016's #4 overall recruit but said he most likely would’ve still went to Duke despite him potentially receiving $500k from the G League. So maybe there is hope for the NCAA!? The conversation between the 2 was hilarious:

Yeah OKAY Jayson Tatum. I’m so sure that Duke is a stand-up college. A school that’s gotten 21 Top 25 recruits since 2015. In today’s college basketball, everyone is getting paid. And I’d put my mortgage on it that Duke is one of the highest paying schools. Beal said it best, “Listen man, I was born, but I wasn’t born yesterday.”