• Ryan Tippett

Jim Boeheim Apparently Was Never Actually Taught How to Shoot

Jim Boeheim is a national treasure. He’s provided us with some of the most legendary press conferences the sport has ever seen. Is he bit of a curmudgeon? Absolutely. But he’s an electric factory and brutally honest. That’s really all you can ask for. But damnit if Jim never learned how to properly shoot a basketball. I understand that he’s 75 and I’ll be lucky to properly shovel applesauce in my mouth without 1.) getting some sort of assistance at that age and 2.) having it not decorate my entire shirt but that is the form of a man who has NEVER learned how to properly shoot a ball. Like I said he’s SEVENTY FIVE and I doubt I’ll even be walking at that age but he literally looks like that unathletic girl in gym class when the teacher forces everyone to learn basketball fundamentals. Look at the right leg kick out. THAT IS GOLD. The only thing missing is a well renowned Maria Sharapova grunt and maybe some tap dancing shoes. Every time I rewatch the video it gets funnier. Maybe Jim put us in a spin cycle and did it intentionally.

BTW he completely nailed the shot. At 75. With a full jump suit on. What a legend… But this I can’t unsee.