• Ryan Tippett

Jimmy Butler Is Simply A Different Breed

No matter what your feelings are on Jimmy Butler, the basketball player, you absolutely have to respect Jimmy Butler, the alpha dog. His mindset, drive and mannerisms have molded him into one of the better players in the league, he's the type of guy a person would want on their side if they, for whatever reason, found themselves getting robbed in a back alley. He's certainly not like most millennial snowflakes we have in today's game. Think about how many guys would go an entire summer without internet or cable so they could train more with zero distractions. Probably none? He's just a special breed.

Butlers' highly publicized end to his time in Minnesota was one of the most controversial exits any player has endured in NBA history. Before being traded to the 76ers, Butler had an infamous blow up during practice in which he challenged his teammates, including KAT and Andrew Wiggins, coaches, Tom Thibodeau who was also president of basketball operations and the general manager, Scott Layden. He reportedly yelled at the Layden, "You f***ing need, Scott. You can't win without me." Epic stuff. One thing that was never really publicized from the event was the fact that Butler only had one bucket during that practice. He confirmed on IG live with Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe that Derrick Rose, who wrote about it in his autobiography, was correct in stating he only scored once. That is hilarious. Butler berated an entire organization during practice, including two of the youngest stars of the game, and only scored one time with the third stringers. What an animal. Maybe there's a reason why Butler, now with the Heat, was soundly in the playoff picture while the Timberwolves are a complete dumpster fire having now also traded Andrew Wiggins. So it's possible Butler was right, Scott Layden f***ing needed him.