• Ryan Tippett

Kendall Jenner: The Queen Of The NBA

Kendall Jenner has accomplished an amazing feat that may never be matched: she has fielded an entire starting 5, all before her 25th birthday. We may never see anything like it again. Ever. To me, this is right up there with Neil Armstrong walking the moon or Alexander Graham Bell inventing the telephone. Kendall has now found herself in rarefied air, she absolutely has to be on the Mt. Rushmore for monumental personal achievements.

Kendall was seen road tripping with NBA superstar Devin Booker at a rest stop in Sedona, Arizona. Genuinely had no clue that was actually a real city in the United States, I admittedly had to google it. Kendall is well on her way to putting together an All Star caliber roster.

Here is her current starting line up:

PG - Ben Simmons

SG - D'Angelo Russell

PF - Devin Booker

PF - Kyle Kuzma

C - Blake Griffin


PG - Jordan Clarkson

PF - Kelly Oubre Jr.

Defense is going to be a real issue with this team but if she can get them to lock down and guard for a full 48, they have some real potential.

Obviously for the half time show we'll have ASAP Rocky and Harry Styles.

10/10 on the clap back here.