• Josh Smith

Kendrick Perkins Claims Pascal Siakim Is Better Than Paul George. Is He Wrong?

Kendrick Perkins triggered some people on Twitter yesterday when he claimed that Pascal Siakam was better than Paul George. Like everyone else, I disagree with Perkins claim, but not by much. Am I crazy for thinking these 2 are not that far apart? First off these guys play 2 different positions so it's hard to compare them. Obviously, PG is the much more established player. The 10-year vet is coming off a great 2019 season finishing 3rd in votes for MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. On the contrast, Siakim was named 2019’s Most Improved Player. And while PG was getting waved off the court by Damian Lillard after he hit a series clinching 3 in his eye in the first round of the 2019 playoffs, Siakim would go on to win the NBA Finals.

This year PG led Siakim in PPG, APG, SPG, FT% and 3P%. He was nothing short of BALLIN before COVID-19 put a pause on the season. But Pascal Siakim was also showing his dominance. A guy who won the Most Improved Player award last year, seemed to be even more improved this year. He was not only named a 2019 All Star, but he was a starter. He’s currently 3rd amongst PF’s in PPG only behind Giannis and Anthony Davis. Is Paul George the better player right now? Yes, but we'll see how much longer that will last.