• Ryan Tippett

Kendrick Perkins Ruffled Some Feathers With His Top 5

Kendrick Perkins generated some buzz when he tweeted out his list of his personal top 5 greatest point guards of all time. A caveat to his list is they had to be players that he's seen, which I think is completely fair. There's no real way you can judge a player you've never watched, it doesn't make any sense to. But this got the wheels spinning in my average-sized brain, so who's in my top 5?

1.) John Stockton - the ultimate facilitator, and the NBAs version of Cal Ripken only missing 22 total games in his 19 year career. He is the NBA all time leader in career assists with 15,806 and holds the record for most apg over a single season when he averaged 14.5 in 1990. He's also one of three players who have had more than 1,000 assists in one season, doing it 7 separate times.

2.) Chris Paul - CP3 is a master of the pick and roll and a defensive irritant. He led the NBA in assists 4 times and led in steals 6 times, and has been elected to 9 NBA All-Defensive teams. He's a technician on the floor averaging just 2.4 turnovers per game, his ability to penetrate and create easy shots for his teammates is what makes him special.

3.) Gary Payton - "The Glove" is the only point guard ever to win the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award and deservedly so. He was so much more than that, maybe the most well rounded point guard ever to play. He ranks 31st all time in points scored, 8th all time in assists, 4th all time in steals and 10th in total rebounds. That probably explains why.

4.) Jason Kidd - Kidd is easily the best rebounder on the list and was a triple-double waiting to happen every time he stepped on the floor, retiring 3rd all time in that stat. 2nd all time in careers assists and steals. It's shocking he ended his career 9th all time in 3-pointers made because he entered the league with a broke jumper. He became lethal behind the arc.

5.) Steve Nash - Nash was always known for being a playmaker with flashy ball handling skills with an automatic jumper. He led the league in assists 5 different years and shot 42.8% from three. During the 2005/2006 season, he joined the 50-40-90 club becoming only 1 of 4 players to ever do it. He was a two-time MVP of the league and his style of play felt innovative, fresh and different.

Who's in your top 5?