• Ryan Tippett

LaVar Ball Wants To Collab With Puma?

I’ll be 100% honest on this one, I had no clue that the Big Baller Brand was still in business. Mostly the entire sports world knows about the co-founder, Alan Foster, stealing $1.5 million from Lonzo Ball’s personal and business accounts. It’s probably why rule #1 of any business is to not associate with sketchy individuals with a criminal past. When a scandal of that magnitude effects a brand, it directly impacts their credibility. Not only that, but the Big Baller Brand is notoriously horrific at delivering on their product. Coupled with the fact that they charge an outrageous $189.00 for their shoes, as if Lonzo is reincarnate MJ. Their entire business appears to be illegitimate. In 2018, the Better Business Bureau gave the other BBB an F stating specifically that many customers have had to wait “weeks or even months” to get their product. Which is why it’s absolutey ludicrous that LaVar legitimately believes he can pair the brand with Puma. So where did this completely insane idea originate? All 3 Ball kids – Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo – are signing with Roc Nation. Jay-Z obviously founded the company, but he also is the creative director for Puma Basketball. There’s your link. When LaVar was asked about the signings and potential to collaborate with Puma, he said: "See, that's a good thing about dealing with Roc Nation. The possibilities are unlimited." Is this serious? Does he truly expect to ride the coattails of Jay-Z to legitimacy? He has such an absurdly confident belief system that I can’t even doubt him on it. Good luck to him. I just don’t see it happening.