• Josh Smith

Let's Never Forget About Shaquille O'Neal's Triple Double Against BYU In The NCAA Tournament

“A man amongst boys” as they say. This performance from Shaquille O'Neal was borderline disrespectful. Shaq and #7 LSU went up against #10 BYU in the first round of the 1992 NCAA tournament. The ease at which Shaq did everything he wanted in this game was mind blowing. He was swatting basketballs around like they were flies in my kitchen. I’ll give BYU some credit, they never stopped feeding it inside. They were persistent. However, the outcome was also persistent, which was their shot ending up in the stands or pinned on the glass. Shaq would go on to set the NCAA Tournament record for most blocks in a game. If Shaq missed a shot? No worries, he’ll get the offensive rebound and lay it right back up. There was also no point in BYU fighting for a rebound. If Shaq wasn’t grabbing it he was boxing out 3 guys at once and someone else from LSU would grab it. 26 points, 13 boards, 11 blocks and 4 assists is an absurd stat line. All while shooting 64% from the field. I’m sure BYU fans still have nightmares about this game. The game where Shaq son’d Brigham Young University.