• Josh Smith

Let’s Revisit Roy Williams Calling His Team Trash

I can’t help but want to revisit a few comments Roy Williams made earlier this season. After getting curb stomped at home by a bad 6-7 Georgia Tech team on January 4th, Roy Williams went on his radio show “Roy Williams Live” to talk about his team. He was not happy… in fact he was LIVID. “'s probably the least gifted team I have ever coached in the time that I've been back here. So, if you're going to be like that, you need to bring your A-game even though your A-game might not even be an A-game.”

I’m sorry, WHAT?! Am I missing something here? He essentially just said “my team is trash” in the nicest way possible. This was the most bold and unprofessional statement all year, and it was BARELY talked about. Usually when a coach makes a ridiculous comment like this, their very next public comments consist of apologies and regret. Nope, not for Roy. Instead, HE DOUBLED DOWN!! The next day he would go on and say “I didn’t make that for any reason other than I was telling the truth.” He then said “So I stand by that. Anybody that wants to make a big deal about that, that’s their prerogative.”

Simply incredible. How can you expect your players to want to play and fight for you if you’re publicly calling them trash?! Was this some sort of motivational tactic? If so, it failed miserably because the Tarheels would go on to lose 11 of 13. OOF. He took none of the blame and pointed the finger solely towards the players. I never expected this from good ole Roy. Maybe the weirdest part about this whole thing is that the players didn’t even really care. All of them were asked about Roy’s comments and all of them basically said they’re not paying much mind to it. Then again, it would probably be a bad business decision to publicly criticize a coach like Roy Williams. Just take the blow and keep chugging along. If Roy has another bad season, I can potentially see these comments coming back to haunt him. But until then he’s looking to start next season as a top 25 team and is bringing in the 3rd best recruiting class. Business as usual, I guess.