• Josh Smith

Lets Remember The Time Jameer Nelson Turned Paul Pierce Into An Internet Sensation

To this day, this is still one of the most catastrophic step backs in basketball history. I still remember the day it happened, the internet almost broke. Every social media platform was flooded with this video. We’ve seen people fall from crossovers and step backs before, but this one put Paul Pierce FLAT on his back. In fact Pierce was still on his back by the time the ball hit the rim. Something I’m not sure we’ve ever seen. 

Now there is some speciation that comes along with this. Does the play even count? A pivotal part of making someone fall on the court, is making the shot. Not making the shot is like running a marathon but not crossing the finish line when it’s a quarter mile away. Jameer Nelson addressed this on twitter and said the reason he missed the shot was because he was laughing mid shot. Do we buy that? I'm not sure but regardless its hilarious. It’s a real shame Jameer couldn’t complete the play, but the play still got the recognition it deserved.