• Ryan Tippett

Luka Garza got SHAFTED

What a massive kick to the balls if you’re a hawkeye fan. They have to at least be - at minimum - a 2 on the FRANCON ALERT SYSTEM. Garza had a historic season. To not have much momentum outside of Iowa City for the NPOY award is criminal. He had more points than any Big10 player since Shaun Respert in the 94’/95’ season and more COMBINED points and rebounds in an even longer stretch. He was averaging almost a double-double in the best conference in the sport. Is he a better pro prospect than Toppin? Don’t be a moron. And don’t ask stupid questions. Of course he’s not. He’s laterally butt slow it’s like he’s playing beach volleyball. But stats are stats. He stuffed the sheet like it was Thanksgiving and he was the only eatin’. While Garza was facing the MONSTARS every night Toppin was putting up less impressive numbers against Viv Fox and Juwanna Man. To also argue in favor of Toppin citing Dayton was the better team is bonkers. 1) I question your mental capacity if you think Dayton would’ve finished with that same record had they been in the Big10 and 2) if anything that PROVES MY POINT, teams were doubling Garza and he was still gettin’ buckets. Even though it seems like I might be anti Obi Toppin, I’m not. He sported the best name in college basketball since Spike Albrecht and was an electric factory on the fastbreak. I’m not even sure Garza can dunk. Seriously. If someone has video of him dunking send it in, it’s like a unicorn. My point is he was snubbed in the NPOY race and I’m obviously right about this one because I’m always right. Facts only.

Fran is much watch television. Complete wild card.