• Josh Smith

Mac McClung Enters Transfer Portal

The Patrick Ewing and Georgetown Circus continues as Matt "Mac" McClung withdraws from the NBA draft and enters the transfer portal. It was evidently clear that McClung and Ewing were never on the same page after and throughout this offseason. About a week ago Ewing said in an interview with Andy Katz that Matt McClung plans to return to Georgetown for his junior season. His agent quickly after made it clear that McClung was still exploring the NBA waters. Now McClung is transferring and plans to file a waiver to play immediately.

McClung told ESPN “A number of different events made me feel I had no choice but to transfer from Georgetown… I really wanted to stay but things throughout my career made me realize that I couldn’t” The Patrick Ewing ship is slowly sinking, and I can’t blame him for jumping off. McClung averaged 14.2 points, 2.2 assists and 2.8 rebounds in 2 seasons with the Hoyas. His biggest issue was his consistency, shooting 39% from the field and 29.5% from 3-point land. For a guy that needs to improve his game, staying at Georgetown was not going to help his cause.