• Josh Smith

Micheal Jordan’s “The Shot” was 31 years ago

On this very date 31 years ago, Micheal Jordan hit a double clutch mid range jumper over Craig Ehlo to clinch the series in the first round against the Cavaliers. Just an impossible shot that he made look easy. We were able to take a deeper dive into this play during “The Last Dance” documentary on ESPN. MJ admitted that Ron Harper should’ve been the guy to guard him all along. Harper claimed he was openly pissed when the coach elected to go with Ehlo. MJ ultimately made them pay. To Ehlo’s defense, he played really good defense. But when A guy legit hovers in the air and double clutches, what the hell are you supposed to do? Jordan had 44 points in this game and averaged 38.9 PPG in the series. Absolutely bonkers. This is the game when Michael Jordan turned into “MJ.”