• Josh Smith

My Four Most Anticipated 2020 Prospects

The 2020 season is 183 days away, and I'm here to tell you about 4 players that you should be on the lookout for. Four guys that will make an immediate impacts on their teams as freshman. There could be higher prospects and better players, but I'm here to give you MY most anticipated 2020 prospects.

Cliff Omuruyi – Center for Rutgers

Of course I’m looking forward to this guy. He’s a top 50 player in his class who committed to freaking Rutgers!?This was so big for Rutgers that the New Jersey Governor tweeted congratulations to him. Cliff is a massive human being at 6’10”, 230 pounds. He’s got good hands, can catch the lob and dunks the hell out of the ball. He’s got a decent jump shot and he’s of course a great rebounder. He locks down the paint, a big time shot blocker. I don’t think he has an established post game yet, but it will get there. He really fits the Rutgers mold. I think I’m most excited for him because Rutgers will be pretty damn good this year. He should start instantly and is expected to be a big piece(literally) for them

Zaire Williams – Small Forward for Stanford

Williams is Stanford’s highest ranked commit ever. He’s the #1 SF in the Nation and #5 player overall. The McDonalds all American 6’7”, 175 pounds. He needs to tack on some weight, but the guy is a baller who can do it all - shoot, score, pass and defend. Stanford wasn’t all that great last year so I’m curious to see if he’ll make a significant impact for them

Walker Kessler – Center for North Carolina

I promise you this guy is going to be a stud. Mark my words this guy is going to be NASTY. Kessler is #19 player in the class and #4 ranked center. The McDonalds All- American is 7 foot, 245 pounds can get up and down the court unlike most people his size. I think with most guys his size it’s easy to be concerned about their mobility and endurance. Not an issue with this guy. He’ll get a rebound and push it up the court like a point guard. He’s got great touch and has a nice little mid-range jumper. Roy Williams is going to get the most out of this guy. UNC brought in a higher recruited center, Day ‘Ron Payne, but I’m more excited for Kessler.

Cade Cunningham – PG for Oklahoma St.

I’m really curious to see if this guy lives up to the hype. Everyone know’s about him. The #1 overall recruit in the nation led Montverde to an undefeated season last year. He’s a massive point guard at 6’6’. He can’t shoot all that well but overall, he’s just a great scorer. Teams are going to have a serious issue guarding this guy because of his size.