• Ryan Tippett

NBA Fans, Here's The Plan From Commissioner Adam Silver

Adam Silver told players in a conference call on Friday that a decision on if/or when the NBA season could resume may extend into June. Shams reported Silver will try to limit the risk of exposure to COVID until they can develop a vaccine and there definitely won’t be fans in the crowd once play does resume. The plan is to play in 1 to 2 locations, it’s widely reported that Disney World in Orlando would be one and Las Vegas as the other. Silver also wants to complete testing for every player before each game. He also hopes to still hold a 7 game playoff series in every round, citing it would make it easier to accomplish if the league played in or 2 sites.

The financial aspect to the pandemic could be crippling to the league. 40% of their revenue comes from fans and Silver was honest in saying that the current CBA wasn’t built to resist a pandemic, the impact of is going to run deep. On Friday the league opened up facilities on a limited basis to players for voluntary workouts. As a result, Chris Paul voiced his opinion on teams insisting players come back before they’re ready to.

The entire thing is a disaster, there’s going to be no happy ending or alternative that’s going to make everyone happy. Those are just the facts. Silver is getting creative in the face of the most difficult situation any commissioner has ever had to endure and I think he’s doing a damn fine job. Are there holes in the plan? Yes. But I’m not sure there’s going to be one without any. There’s going to an asterisk next to the name of whichever team wins the championship if play were to resume but as long as it isn’t Houston everyone will understand.