• Ryan Tippett

NCAA Hits Louisville With Notice of Allegations

Louisville received a notice of allegations from the NCAA in connection to the FBI's investigation into college basketball. The notice includes one Level I violation, resulting from Adidas giving money ($100,000 to be exact) to the father of recruit Brian Bowen, which is the harshest allegation possible. They were also hit with three Level II violations which are attributed to Rick Pitino's failure to promote an "atmosphere of compliance".

Below are the breakdowns for each allegation:

  • A Level I allegation that an improper recruiting offer, and subsequent extra benefits to the family of an enrolled student athlete; and a recruiting inducement to a prospective student-athlete's non-scholastic coach/trainer, were provided by certain individuals, purportedly identified and defined by the NCAA as "representatives of the university's athletics interests", none of whom had traditional connections to the University beyond their affiliation with Adidas or professional athlete management entities, as well as by a former assistant coach and a former associate head coach;

  • A Level II allegation of recruiting violations by the same two former men's basketball coaching staff members in providing impermissible transportation and having impermissible contact in the context of recruitment-related activities; 

  • A Level II allegation that the institution failed to adequately monitor the recruitment of an incoming, high-profile student-athlete;

  • A Level II allegation that the former head men's basketball coach did not satisfy his head coach responsibility when he failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance;

Louisville released a statement in which they plan to fight back, President Neeli Bendapudi said: "We will not hesitate to push back against those allegations that we simply don't believe are supported by facts or NCAA law or similar case precedent."

My feeling on this is pretty simple and clear: don't punish Chris Mack, his staff, his program and his players for the actions of a coach no longer employed by the school. Pitino was hit with a Level II violation himself, which can carry anywhere from a zero game suspension up to 50% of the season depending on different variables. There should be no reason as to why Pitino should have a lifetime ban, everywhere he's gone scandal has followed. The NCAA is out for blood but they're targeting the wrong prey. Nothing to see here but another black eye for college hoops. The problems for Mark Emmert are piling up.