• Ryan Tippett

NCAA Title Odds For 20'/21' Have Been Released, I May Vomit

William Hill Sports Book released their most up to date title odds for the 2020/2021 season and some of them made gave me instant nausea, the type of nausea you can only get on a boat in the open water in the middle of a tropical storm. Duke and Gonzaga opened up as favorites to cut down the nets at +1000. If I see that match up on April 5th at Lucas Oil Stadium I will be forced to punt a helpless animal. But the pain doesn’t stop there, UVA is tied for the 3rd best odds with Kansas as +1200, excuse me while I vomit onto my keyboard – that’s going to be a real problem to clean up. Wisconsin, Tennessee and Florida State all open up at +300 and it feels like I’m in basketball purgatory. We’re living in a world were 3 football programs have the 7th best odds to win it all – I’m not being hyperbolic when I say I’d rather chug bleach.

Now that I’m done projecting, let’s take a look at some schools with real value odds.

Iowa at +3000 to me is a no brainer and I’m keeping my theme consistent of being a Luka Garza stan. They have legit top 5 talent, so I think there’s just too much value here to not pull the trigger.

Auburn at +7500 is intriguing. Yeah, they’re losing their a lot from their roster but Bruce Pearl has won 55 games over the past two years and the schools only final four appearance. He’s also replenishing the lost talent with 5 star stud Sharife Cooper and JT Thor.

We’ve talked about Texas a lot so far this offseason, and rightfully so. It’s a massive year for Shaka and he isn’t losing a single key player from last years team and is adding 5 star power forward Greg Brown. Them at +5000 might be my favorite pick.

If you want to get crazy with it and you have absolutely zero regard for money, Richmond at +10000 and Miami at +20000 could be interesting.

Here's a link to the full list: