• Josh Smith

Nicholas Cage Is Set To Play The Role Of Joe Exotic In A New Netflix Show???

Updated: May 5, 2020

Are all you cool cats and kittens ready?! That’s right, Netflix is in the process of creating a scripted TV show inspired by the Netflix documentary series “Tiger King.” If you haven’t seen Tiger King already then either you just love to be different, or you don’t have access to a television. It was recently the most talked about show in America. In this new Tiger King show, Joe Exotics role will be played by the one and only, Nicholas Cage. I’m really confused as to why they’re even making this show in the first place. We got all we needed from the documentary itself, what’s the point of making an actual show out of it? I can’t help but think that this show will either be really good or really bad. There won't be an in between. On one hand, if you gave Nicholas Cage a blonde mullet you actually might mistake him for Joe Exotic. On the other hand, Nicholas Cage is the most monotoned and boring actor in actor history. Don’t get me wrong the National Treasure trilogy was fire, but he played a more fitting role for the type of actor he is. I just don’t see how he’ll be able to play the part of an energetic and wild Joe Exotic. I personally would’ve went for Danny McBride or David Spade before I settled with Cage. I guess we’ll see if Nicholas can pull it off.