• Josh Smith

Okay Yes, I Drove Off With Tippetts Laptop On The Roof Of My Car, But Its Actually His Fault

Okay yes, it’s true. I drove off with Tippett’s 2011 barely functionable MacBook on the roof of my car. As you read this there’s probably an 18-wheeler running over the remains of what’s left of it on the highway. But the uncomfortable truth here is that this whole thing is actually HIS fault. If he were a proper homeowner and friend and gave me proper instructions, then none of this happens. Let me explain why this is his fault:

It was around 4pm when I received a phone call from Tip. He was curious what recording materials I had because we were trying to figure out what we had and what was needed for our upcoming podcast. I told him I had a couple mics and mixers we could use. He then asks me to come over and “bring everything” because he wanted to get an idea on how they worked. I hop in my car with the mics, mixer, and his laptop just in-case he wanted to record something on the laptop. I wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to do with everything when I got there. So, I arrive at his house and he meets me at my car. I grab my stuff, close my car door and anticipate that we’re about to go inside of his house to look over everything. Instead he decided that he wanted me to place everything on the hood of my car and look at it there. I placed the recording materials on the hood of my car, and I placed his laptop on the roof of my car because 1) my hands were full and I couldn’t open the car door to put it inside and 2) it was then obvious, that I brought the laptop for no reason. I did not feel safe with it on the hood because it’s a slanted surface, so I placed it on the roof where it’s flat. It’s safer there. Ya see I don’t normally place laptops on the roof of my car, so in the midst of me trying to show Tip everything, I just simply forgot it was there. 20 minutes go by and I decide it’s time for me to head back home. I pack up my stuff and place it in the car… except for his laptop. That remained on the roof of my car. I drove off with it, and now it’s gone forever.

There are 2 major factors here that could’ve changed everything. 1) Tippett could’ve invited me into his house like a normal human being. I don’t invite my parents over for dinner so we can eat on the hood of their car, right? A simple “Hey lets go inside and look over everything,” changes everything. EVERYTHING. 2) Specific instructions would’ve led me to not bringing his laptop at all. Instead he just said, “bring everything over.” So, I did what he said and brought everything over. Was it incredibly irresponsible of me to drive off with his laptop on the hood of my car? Yes. Would normality from Tippetts side have kept all this from happening? Absolutely yes. Instead I was put in an unusual and awkward spot that led me to placing his laptop on the roof of my car, and ultimately driving off with it unremoved. This was no other than a set up to create some good content. Well done Tip.

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