• Josh Smith

On This Date, Baron Davis Body Bagged Andrei Kirilenko

One of the most brutal posters of all time. These are the kind of dunks that are never let down. The "We Believe" Warriors were running high off a series victory in the first round of the 2007 playoffs versus the #1 seeded Mavericks. Making them the 1st #1 seed to ever beat a #8 seed in a seven game NBA series. They would lose this series to the Jazz, but at least we got to witness this murderous dunk. This is a defenders worse nightmare. AK47 was the help defender here. He had to do his job and drop down to help out Deron Williams who just let Davis blow right by him. Kirilenko was set up too fail and was forced to contest a full speed and determined Baron Davis. Baron Davis' reaction was the icing on the cake. He untucked his jersey, stared down Kirilenko and basically said "this game is over." If I'm Kirilenko I'm dropping the gloves in the middle of the court with Deron Williams. His lazy defense is the reason that Kirilenko got body bagged.