• Josh Smith

Pau Gasol Returning To The Lakers?

In a recent interview Pau Gasol considered the opportunity to return to the Lakers, saying "Seriously considered? It's not that I've had many opportunities. It's something that has been on my mind. Kind of like the potential of maybe finishing or playing my last year with the Lakers would be great. It's appealing if you will, but the opportunity never really kind of presented itself in a serious official manner.”

This would seemingly be nothing but a farewell contract for Gasol if he came back to the Lakers. But has he done enough for them to deserve it? I’d say so, and I’m sure all Lakers fans would agree with me. He was a 3-time all-star, 3 time all-NBA, and won 2 championships with the Lakers. Averaging nearly a double-double with 17.6 points and 9.6 rebounds in 7 seasons. He’s arguably the most underappreciated player in Lakers history. His jersey will be hung from the Staples Center rafters soon enough. Gasol hasn’t played in the NBA since March 10, 2019.