• Ryan Tippett

Rudy Gobert Can't Handle Teenage Troll

Rudy Gobert continues to prove his immaturity, this time calling a teenage troll on twitch a “p***y”. Does it get anymore pathetic and childish than sinking lower than, in all likelihood, a 15-year-old while playing COD (for anyone over the age of 60, COD = Call of Duty)? Maybe a solid life strategy is to not get on a social platform that allows any human to directly engage with you if you have thin skin.

Gobert was diagnosed with coronavirus in March which ultimately led to the NBA suspending the season. Before the diagnosis, Gobert was flippant and juvenile about the pandemic. He’s been pretty forthcoming since, about his struggles with COVID, which gave the impression that he may have been maturing but it appears that is certainly not that case. It isn’t exactly a great look to be able to get baited by someone whose username is “gbgator” and needs an adult to drive them to school.

His behavior has also affected his relationship with his teammate Donovan Mitchell, who shortly after Gobert, tested positive for the virus. I’d also be pretty peeved if my coworker, who I frequently am in close proximity to, was acting like a douchebag during a crisis. Perhaps Rudy should educate himself on how to be a quality teammate, but I guess school is only for p***ies.