• Ryan Tippett

Shaka Smart: Chopped?

As we’ve previously discussed on the Getting’ Buckets podcast, Shaka finds himself squarely on the hot seat a long with a laundry list of other coaches. Well, the first domino fell this week after Danny Manning was fired from Wake Forest and now Shaka finds himself in the batters box. He’s been completely underwhelming since he came over from VCU, he’s been like the Macaulay Culkin of basketball. Found MASSIVE success very early and then never recaptured the spotlight, now the only question that remains: will he too turn into a methhead? Ouch. But the point remains, Texas brought Shaka in to get them to heights they’ve never been before, they fired Rick Barnes who went to the NCAA tournament 16 out of his 17 years there, Smart has only been twice and never past the first round. Texas sold their soul because they went window shopping and couldn’t help themselves, it’s like the chick at school that just transferred in so you dump your girlfriend of 7 years who’s an 8/10 so you can get with the new girl. It made no sense at the time and still doesn’t make sense now but they made their bed – now they have to lay in it.

To buy him out this year (which isn’t going to happen) it would cost the university roughly $10 million. This is it for Shaka, if he doesn’t produce this year he’s going to find himself as the ugly single chick who has now lost all the glamour of the new girl in town. I described Smart on our podcast as a cockroach, fair assessment IMO, but all creatures have a life cycle and for Shaka if he doesn’t produce big this year he’ll find himself squashed. The return every piece from a team that won 19 games and now they’ve added 5 star forward Greg Brown into the fold. Shaka is about to feel what it’s like to coach in the pressure cooker, so we’ll see if he can handle the heat or gets out of hells kitchen.