• Ryan Tippett

Shannon Brown Arrested After Shooting At Couple In 'Mix Up'

Ex-LA Laker Shannon Brown was arrested last week after shooting at two house hunters who entered his home. The two-time NBA champion was charged with aggravated assault after firing a rifle at two individuals who claimed they were house hunting. The couple told the police that they thought the house was on the market citing a ‘for sale’ sign on the property and heard a voice saying “come in”. Once inside, Brown confronted the two with the rifle in hand, they then scrambled to their car. While exiting, Brown fired off 5 to 6 rounds at the couple. The house is not currently on the market.

This story is wild, on one hand, you have an unassuming couple trying to look for a house to buy only to then be greeted with a large man holding a gun. On the other, a homeowner who has two strangers invading his home. I’d be on high alert too if I were Brown. My question is, if the house isn’t on the market than why would there be a ‘for sale’ sign? There’s no confirmation from the police on mysterious sign so I find it hard to believe there was one. Even if there was, I’m not sure about anyone else, but I would never just walk into a home no matter what. Maybe it makes too much sense to just knock until someone answers, but it’s possible I’m in the minority on that one. Let this be a lesson, maybe knock next time?