• Ryan Tippett

Stacey Dash Announces Divorce Like It Was A College Recruitment

Stacey Dash announced via Instagram that she is separating from her husband of two years. No judgement here. We all make mistakes, but the manner in which it was announced was hilarious to me. She posted the below picture to insta and it made it seem like she was an 18 year old decommiting on her verbal and wishes that we all respect her decision s she’s excited for her next opportunity. The bad news for her is she's used up 4 of her 5 official visits as she's now been divorced 4 times. The NCAA only allows 5 official visits, so she'll have to be really selective moving forward to maintain eligibility.

Is this the new norm for announcing a divorce though? I truly hope we’ve gotten to a point in society where celebrities are going to start breaking personal news in the same lens as a high school senior because the parallels are truly comical.

Divorce is a harsh reality in the current day culture so it’s a tough pill to swallow but the manner in which it was announced at least provided a teeny, tiny bit of levity. Good luck to her and her future endeavors.