• Josh Smith

Start/Bench/Cut: Kamar Baldwin, Myles Powell and Markus Howard

Tippett came up with a segment on this weeks episode of Gettin' Buckets called "Sit/Bench/Cut." It's simple. We give each other 3 players and we decide who we want to sit, bench and cut. My 3 players were Kamar Baldwin, Myles Powell, and Markus Howard.

Start: Myles Powell

The most dynamic player in college basketball. When Powell is on, HE IS ON. He Averaged 21 points, 4.6 rebounds. 3 assists. His numbers were a little down compared to last year, but he still had a really strong season. 37 against Michigan st, 32 against Oregon, 29 against Butler. He’s gritty. He’s a winner. He’s a true competitor. Powell led Seton Hall to be a very good team the last 2 years. Another thing I like about Myles Powell is that he is going get his shots up, and his teammates are going get theirs as well. Unlike someone on this list of guys that I’ll get to in a second.

Bench: Kamar Baldwin

Kamar gets to stay on the team. He averaged 16.2 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.3 assists. He had 27 against Minnesota, 31 against ole miss, 31 against Marquette (first time they played), 36 against Xavier. These all resulted in wins. Baldwin also averaged 17 points against ranked opponents. He plays really solid defense. He prides himself in his defense. But the bigger reason I’m keeping Kamar on the team is because the guy is ICE COLD. You saw him take over the game against Marquette to win in OT. The last second shot against Stanford. You saw the dagger vs Villinova, which by the way that game was incredible. You saw the shot against Xavier. His left-handed step backs are unstoppable. By the way There’s something I love about lefties who can shoot the lights out. I can’t explain it. I just love them.

Side Note: I almost decided to start Baldwin over Powell, but I played it safe.

Cut: Markus Howard

Give me a second here, I’m going to act like I’m the coach.

Markus Howard, look man. You’re a great scorer. You averaged 27.8 points this year. 51 points against USC, 42 against Georgetown, 40 against Davidson. Incredible stuff. But we’re really concerned about the wrench that you tend to throw into team chemistry. You had 2 really good teammates last year in Joey and Sam Houser who you ran out of town because of your selfishness. We also didn’t forget about your 33% shooting that resulted in a loss in the first round of the tournament last year when Ja Morant son’d you. You also scored 6 points and went 1/12 from the field against Maryland in the Orlando Invitational Championship this past season. So were worried about whether you’ll show up in big games or not. Look Markus, you score with the best of em' but it’s not all about scoring. We think Powell and Baldwin provide more for this team, so we’re going to cut you today. Thanks for coming out.