• Ryan Tippett

Tom Crean Tried to Channel Inner Ozzy, Motivate Team With Live Bat

This story is one of the very reasons why Titus & Tate is a must listen for hoops fans. Yes I'm plugging a competing podcast. No I don't care because it's good to get different perspectives/stories on the sport we all love. There can only be one conclusion to draw after hearing this story. Tom Crean is a lunatic. I guess I lied I also had one other takeaway: the Harbaugh brothers are a terrible influence. Zeller said one of the Harbaugh brothers, he forgets which one, tells his players they should be "mean and nasty, like rabies-filled, bloodsucking bats." I've officially seen and heard it all.

So as a result of hearing one of the Harbaugh's say this, he tries to get one of the managers to buy a live bat so he can use it as a motivational tactic. I couldn't imagine trying to get ready to play in a big game against Purdue, a big in state rival, and see my coach come in with a bat. Tom Crean better have given the best damn speech of his life to pull out a live bat, all of my focus would be out the window if I saw a live bat before a game. I think it would actually be counter-productive. I'd argue any human would be less prepared to walk out to play in a heated rivalry game after having to fend for their life against a live bat in the locker room. Fortunately for the team, he couldn't pull it off and had to settle for plastic toy bats instead. Still hilarious nonetheless.