• Ryan Tippett

Tom Izzo YET AGAIN finds himself at the center of controversy

An ESPN report leaked out this week that Izzo and two of his assistants reached out to Brayden Smith – the son of Steve Smith, who is a legendary Spartan himself – to do some fact finding on an ongoing sexual assault investigation involving one of Izzos’ players, the player accused is Brock Washington who was a freshman guard on the team. When Smith was brought in to be questioned by police, he had already told them he spoke to Izzo and two assistants on the issue. Color me shocked. Multi-million dollar coach of public university tries to get out ahead of investigation to avoid a scandal.

In 2010, a female student accused two of Izzo’s recruits of rape, both players remained on the team and in the program. Earlier in that same year a student assistant coach was allowed to continue to coach after he was charged for throwing a HAYMAKER that only Deontay Wilder could be proud of at a female student at a local campus bar, he was also accused of sexual assaulting various women off campus. I’m not saying Tom Izzo is a bad guy, but I am saying he’s not a good guy. I’m not a complete Neanderthal, this stuff goes on at most universities and Michigan State isn’t about to fire a dude that has been there since longer than dirt itself. Izzo has 628 wins, been to 8 final fours, has a national championship and makes 4.4 milly rocks a year numbers approximate. The dude is a living, breathing legend. But we can’t be letting guys just slug chicks because they don’t know who they are and not so politely tell them to piss off at a bar. HELLO. Every dude has been told to piss off at a college bar. It’s a badge of honor. If all of us butt-average looking dudes who got rejected at a bar started throwing quick jabs, then women would be dropping like it were the morning of Black Friday.