• Ryan Tippett

WATCH: Celebrities Get Hustled By Flight Club

I have to admit this is absolutely hilarious, watching the faces of some of these celebrities as they get mugged is highly entertaining. Some of them don't even flinch at dropping that many bags. Aaron Paul doesn't even flinch at dropping 4 fat ones on SHOES. Notorious sneaker head PJ Tucker dropped SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. It just shows you how different of a life celebrities live. I'm over here scraping chump change and rubbing pennies together to see if I can buy a 24 hour rental on demand. No matter how much I'm worth at any point in my life I can't justify dropping multiple house payments on a pair of kicks. Just a quick aside, Jimmy Fallon is a national treasure, the look on his face after spending a grand on a pair of 6's that came in a shoe box from 2006 is pure entertainment. TI trying to actually negotiate the price has me DEAD.


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